Dear friends and Parishioners,

We plan to stream online two short services live from church. These will be at our usual times of 10.30am and 6.30pm. I hope you will be able to join us from your homes as we encourage each other in faith, pray, sing and hear from God’s Word.

We have tested streaming on a Windows computer, an Apple Mac computer, an Android phone and an iPhone. Hopefully there will be no issues, but please bear with us as this is very new technology to us.

We hope to do something similar on Sunday mornings and evenings over the next few weeks.

Also, remember if you need any assistance while at home please let us know. We have a team of volunteers at church who have offered to help.

Take care.

Yours in Christ, Bill

A few technical notes

You cannot pause the live stream. If you cannot hear, check the volume control on the player and on your computer. You can reload the page to reset the player; if the stream is still live the player will reconnect. The stream will be recorded and published on our Youtube channel.