Knockbreda’s Mission Partnership with SAMS – update

Chris and Hannah Agnew arrived home from Peru during the summer 2018. They are preparing for a year (2019) at Vancouver (Regent College) for further theological training. At the moment, although they feel called to mission, it is still unclear where exactly they will go after that.

Cristobal Ceron is Rector at CEP (Centro de Estudios Pastorales). He has responsibility for overseeing the development of the delivery of Theological training for Pastors who are preparing for ordained ministry in the Anglican Church. Although focused on Chilean student-pastors, there are some International students also (x2 Peru, x1 Argentina). Cristobal hopes to develop a new CEP structure in the future, allowing students to remain in their regions to facilitate training. Increased use of uploaded training videos and course notes would be used.

Luke and Pen Pratt. Luke (originally from Co. Mayo) and Pen met in HUB at Queen’s whilst Pen was on a year placement with SAMS. They have since married and moved to Santiago, Chile nearly 5 years ago. Luke has been encouraged by his local Anglican church to go forward for ordained ministry. He has completed an initial 2 years GYM program (like MTS) and hopes to start CEP for his theological training in Feb 2019. His church have also helped towards his training costs . Helping Luke and Pen with their living expenses whilst training (and their new baby daughter Emily), represents an exciting cross cultural church leadership initiative.