Chris & Lotta Strajnic

Dear friends and mission partners,

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Ps. 34:8

This year we had a dream summer here in Sweden, throughout the whole summer it was sunny and warm. We visited Lotta’s parents in Gothenburg and spent quality time with them, our siblings, nephew and nieces. We also followed the Keswick convention 2021 online, and we had a wonderful BBQ party for Lotta’s 50th birthday.  In other words, we had a wonderful break. Now we are ready to tackle the autumn and take up all the activities that are lined up.

First up in August is the team meeting, an opportunity to assess the Covid-19 period, what we can learn from it and what God has done during that time; and inspire the team to look forward and to figure out what’s next. Many things have changed and we need to adapt accordingly. After that we are also going to hold our annual meeting (usually is held in March) that was delayed because of covid-19. At the annual meeting we will welcome new members who have for the last year been attending our membership classes. Chris will continue to focus on training and mentoring the young leaders in the church, especially now when Simon is entering into the process of preparing for starting up a church plant (more about that at a later point) in Södertälje in the coming period.

Praise and prayer points:

  • We give praise to the Lord for the rest we had this summer.
  • Please pray for our communion service this coming Sunday, a lot of people have been away during the summer and we are hoping to see them all again.
  • Pray also for the coming team meeting.
  • Pray for all the teaching and workshops we are planning to do during the autumn and all the material that needs to be prepared.
  • Pray for us that we stay healthy and strong.

Yours in Christ,
Chris & Lotta


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