Dear friends and mission partners,

Happy and blessed new year!

It’s a new year with new challenges and we start of course with some new covid restrictions again. We have some limitations on how we can run a Sunday service. We are limited to only sitting where we meet, not standing and walking around, or mingling. Also, we are required to have a meter in between chairs which limits on how many people we actually can provide seating for in the place we meet, either that or require everybody to show their covid-passes, which is an even worse idea.

Though the current restrictions, it feels like this year will be a more active year than the previous, though again things are hard to plan because we just don’t know how things will develop with the covid situation. The first thing we are planning is to start a new Marriage preparation course in February, but this time it will be only a Zoom online course.

We were planning to run a conference day in February like the one we wrote about previously in Västerås, but again we are not sure if this will be possible. We might do something online just to keep the momentum up. But more about that later.

Anyhow, we had a great Christmas and New year holiday and feel very rested and energized. We are looking forward to what God has for us this coming year and how things will develop.
We wish you all a blessed 2022 and that we will see His kingdom come and people saved.
Praise and prayer points

  • Thank God that we could rest over Christmas and New Year.
  • Please pray for the Marriage preparation course, we have five couples right now.
  • Pray also for the conference day, for wisdom on what is right to do.

Yours in Christ,
Chris & Lotta Strajnc

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