Going Bananas was another great success for the Parish this Easter. The theme of the week was ‘SPACE’ and so we were led by aspiring NASA astronaut, Captain Banana and his deputy Gerardo. We were delighted to have so many children to come and join as we looked at the story of Daniel.
Thanks to Julie Currie, our Diocesan Development Officer, we heard all about what Daniel and his friends got up to. We learnt all about how they were removed from their home in Jerusalem and sent to Babylon. When they got there they would face number of problems but God was with them and they prospered. Daniel was known as one of the wisest men in the whole country and had the ability to interpret dreams. We found out that he managed to survive a night in the lions’ den with God’s help.
Throughout the whole week we sang songs, did exercises, played games and made some really interesting crafts. A particular favourite for the children was the building and launching of their very own space rockets. It is thanks to the volunteers that gave up their spare time that made Going Bananas 2013 an adventure that was out of this world!

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