Going Bananas 2014

Going Bananas

This year at Going Bananas we were on a mission: to spread the word about God whilst having bucket loads of fun! The Holy Week club, held in the Church halls, proved popular as ever, as around 50 kids came each morning for songs, lessons and lots of banter, with special guests Detective P. Nut and Inspector Ivor Clue-less leading the way! Of course, as their names suggest, they couldn’t have managed it alone, so it was great to have more than 30 leaders willing to spend the weekend beforehand setting up, arriving early and staying late to prepare and tidy, and of course to have their faces covered in lipstick, shaving foam and wotsits! However, whilst messy games, boys vs girls quizzes and whacky crafts are all great, the most valuable part of every day was the time during which we learned more about the Easter Story by focusing on Celebration, Community, Commitment, Courage and Calling, with Jennifer, Ruth, Aimée, and Aaron each teaching us something new. It was amazing to see so many kids sit quietly to listen, and hopefully that’s some indication of the impact the week had on them, thanks to our brilliant speakers!


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