Chris & Lotta Strajnic

Dear friends and mission partners,

“Praise be to his glorious name forever; may the whole earth be filled with his glory.
Amen and Amen.”
Psalms 72:19

Two weeks ago, due to the current Covid restrictions here in Sweden, we decided to bring back Zoom again and have now services both in person and live via Zoom, as many can’t attend the services because of being sick with covid. We thank God for blessing us with young guys who volunteer in the church with the technology. Even though one of them forgot to record Chris’ sermon last Sunday, so now Chris has to re-preach it and record it from home! Poor young man, he was devastated when he realized that. But that could have happened to anybody!

Chris & LottaAnother blessing is that more people in the church want to help out with various practicalities. We are so happy that it is not only us two, any more,  who are in the church early in the morning to set up all the chairs and prepare for the service. Now, when we have a bunch of young people to help us out, this means that we are done very quickly and have even time for a FIKA (Swedish coffee) before service.

We have an exciting February in front of us. On the 11th of February (and five weeks forward) we are going to do a Marriage Preparation Course with five couples (Three couples from our church and 2 couples from Västerås. This is the beauty of Zoom: we can all meet up for this course. If we could choose we would prefer to run this course in real life and in our home but with this pandemic it’s not possible right now. And unfortunately we had to cancel the Conference day that we planned for February for the same reason.

But the good news is that Chris is setting up a preaching training group for young people in Stockholm, which too will start in February. It’s a cooperation with another church, and it’s a training for young students and potential lay preachers that are beginners.


Praise and prayer points

  • We are grateful to the Lord for staying healthy.
  • Praise the Lord that those who can’t attend church still can follow the service via Zoom
  • Please pray for the Marriage Preparation Course, that even though we will do it via zoom that it will still go well.
  • Pray also for Chris and the preaching training group.

Yours in Christ,

Chris & Lotta Strajnic

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