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Why I am still an Anglican

by Karen

Dear Friends Last month I wrote about why I was still a Christian. But why an Anglican Christian? To begin with I was a cradle Anglican, born into a church-going family, my mother being the organist at Holy Trinity Ballylesson. I was baptised, went to Sunday School and was confirmed by the then Bishop of […]

Chris and Hannah in Lima, Peru

by Bill

Prayer letter from Chris and Hannah Agnew in Peru Well, we’ve been here about three weeks now and already we know that it is going to be incredibly difficult to sum up three whirlwind weeks in one edition, so we’ll have to save some for next time! So far, we have visited ten churches, two […]

Rory, Denise and Gideon Wilson – Home from Uganda

by Karen
The Wilsons

We have been back in Bangor for four months now and despite it being a transition period, it has been mostly positive with lots of support in the local community, our church, family, and friends. We are humbled and grateful. We have enjoyed good weather and been out and about around the North of Ireland. […]