Prayer letter from Chris and Hannah Agnew in Peru

Well, we’ve been here about three weeks now and already we know that it is going to be incredibly difficult to sum up three whirlwind weeks in one edition, so we’ll have to save some for next time! So far, we have visited ten churches, two schools, two Compassion projects, one centre for people with disabilities and three youth groups. We have travelled on more buses than we can count (or keep track of where they all go!), been in two moto-taxis and are very thankful that neither of us have to drive around this city!

By far the highlight has been meeting Peruvian saints like Pastor Luis (above). Their passion for the church, faithfulness and obedience in the small things and warm welcome have been so inspiring as we’ve arrived. We’ve been somewhat thrown in the deep end, with pastoral visits, impromptu children’s meetings, participating in youth discussions that morph into dramatic presentations of passages of Scripture, all part and parcel of “orientation”.

Throughout Scripture God asks questions of his people, and in doing so invites them into conversation, into encounter, into deepening relationship. We read in Jeremiah that when God calls him, he asks him a simple question, “What do you see?” (Jer 1:13). He does this to check that Jeremiah has the vision to see what God has placed before him and to respond in obedience. We feel that as we visit, as we meet so many people, projects and encounter so much need, both material and spiritual, that he is inviting us to see what he sees; the potential, the opportunity, the glimpses of His Spirit at work, and to join in.

Join us in giving thanks for…

Safe travel and time with friends – After smooth transit to Lima, we spent a lovely long weekend with Hannah’s close friend Shalom and her husband Charlie who are working in an International School here. It is such a blessing to have close friends from home living so close by.

Accommodation – The house we are staying in until December is wonderful and such a massive blessing. It has everything we could possibly need and more – thank you so much to Paul and Ruth Turner from Latin Link for lending it to us! We have settled in quickly and are enjoying getting to know our area, where there are lots of parks and green areas. Hannah has even managed to start running!

Paul Tester and his family – Originally from England, Paul and his wife Sarah have been living in Lima and working with the Anglican Church in Peru for ten years as part of CMS (Church Mission Society). From day one, Paul has been a great host, guide and mentor, helping us to settle in, learn how to get around, deal with culture shock and adjust to our new life here. He has also arranged for us to visit many churches and projects and has introduced us to lots of key people in the Diocese. We look forward to working with him and spending more time with his wife Sarah and their three lovely daughters (Sophia, Emily and Annabel).

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