Chris & Lotta Strajnic

Dear friends and mission partners,

“The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

Autumn came very quickly to Sweden after a warm summer, little too unexpectedly. We have had quite many rainy days and some of the trees started slowly to change colour, a little too early, though Lotta and I love the autumn. Chris & Lotta Strajnic 2021

Our Team meeting on Saturday on 21st August went very well. Amongst other things we did a workshop on reading the bible one-on-one and we are hoping to launch the ministry in the church this autumn. It has proven to be a very effective ministry during the Covid epidemic.

As we started to meet in real life for Sunday services in August, we were both surprised and very encouraged that lots of new people started to attend our services. Some came along through our Zoom meeting and others were totally new to us. Many seem to be hungry for the Word of God.

Last year in November we had our membership classes with about 10 people but due to the Corona epidemic we had to go back to Zoom before we were done. We decided at that time not to take in new members via Zoom but rather wait until we have a Sunday service in person in order to make it special. So, now in September we will finally welcome the new members. Another news is that recently the English-speaking group has started to grow in Emmaus church, and some of them want to become members as well, so this coming Sunday we will do membership classes with them too.

On September 26th we will have our annual meeting and one interesting thing that we will make public, is our intention to help Simon and a group of members of Emmaus church to plant a new church South West of Stockholm in a town called Södertälje. So, at the same time as new people start to join our church, we will lose a group of believers to a new beginning. But this is the beauty of God’s kingdom. And we are so grateful. More about Simon and Södertälje in our upcoming Newsletter.

Praise and prayer points

  • We give praise to God for all new people that are coming and new members
  • Pray also for the upcoming annual meeting.
  • Pray for Simon and the group in Södertälje that are soon starting up their preparations to become a young church plant.
  • Pray for us that we stay healthy and strong.

Yours in Christ,
Chris & Lotta

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